• The headset that lets you fly drones with your brain
We've all had dreams of bring able to move things with our minds - only to realise it will never happen. But that's all about to change. The Feed's Marc Fennell tests out Emotiv Insight a headset that aims to let you control objects with your brain.
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 19:30

Once upon a time the only people with the power to move objects with their mind were upside-down jedi and the demonically posessed... but not anymore. The power of mechanically-enabled telekinesis is just one of the promises of Emotiv Insight: a snazzy bit of sci-fi that is actually a wireless brainscanner you can wear on your head.

Emotiv can sync to applications on a computer or iPhone translating your brain waves into specific movements which can then be used for real-world applications - like steering a remote controled drone.

Firstly you’ve got to calibrate the Emotiv headset and then teach it to recognise how your brain perceives movement. This is an odd process of attaching a very star trekkian headset on to very specific parts of your head and visualising an object moving up, down, forward or back. If you're really adventurous you might even try spinning the object. Once you’ve got the headset programmed you’ve got a pretty fun recipe to destroy the walls of your local office with your choice of remote controlled device. (The walls of SBS will never be the same again!)

The flying example is fun, in an OH&S nightmare kinda way, but it’s the less punishing applications where this starts to get interesting. There’s already been a crowdfunding effort to use the Emotiv to drive a wheelchair and even help with disabled communication. But the real goal is for Emotiv to become the fitness bracelet of your brain - measuring data like 'focus' and 'attention' in realtime throughout the day.

But is Emotiv the sort of thing you would ever want to be seen wearing in public? And What are the limitations of it? And can you call yourself Professor X when you’re wearing it?

The Feed's Marc Fennell gives Emotiv Insight a test drive in The Feed's new tech segment Proving Ground tonight at 19:30 on SBS 2.