• Remember when people still liked Mel Gibson? (Gallipoli)Source: Gallipoli
Andy Park unpacks the ANZAC legend and why it feels like we're not allowed to challenge it.
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 19:30

It's all to wall Anzac coverage this week as the centenary commemoration takes over the public consciousness. But some Australians are feeling the effects of Anzac fatigue.

You’ve probably seen the footage every year of young soldiers storming the shores of Gallipoli. But you might not realise that isn’t actually of the battle itself. There weren’t any film cameras present that day, so a re-enactment was staged at a Sydney beach to satisfy people hungry to see the battle.

That was just the beginning – for the past century Australians have shaped the Anzac story through our screens. Andy Park talks to reviewer Myke Bartlett about the movie moments that make up the mythology.