'They should all be ashamed': Australians react to the Liberal leadership spill

Voters are split over Scott Morrison's appointment as the next prime minister of Australia.

Voters have reacted furiously to the saga of the Liberal leadership spill, criticising the electoral system and calling for change.

Scott Morrison will become the 30th prime minister of Australia after his outgoing predecessor Malcolm Turnbull was unseated by a Liberal party revolt led by hard-line conservatives.

Mr Morrison trounced Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop in a three-way race for the leadership on Friday.

The decision has elicited strong views from voters on social media.

Aaron Conyers wrote: "How about make [sic] sure that when a PM is elected that they serve a full term, or is that all too hard for you so called adults in Canberra to do?

"This government has to be the worst I've ever seen, they expect people to be mature and responsible yet they can't even do that themselves. They should all be ashamed of themselves, the whole world is laughing at us yet again."

Annie Chaplin posted: "Can we organise a protest? Why should Australians be expected to just accept this? They are supposed to be working for us! I don’t want this new PM, would never vote for him. Please start a campaign to have a Gen election ASAP. We’re circling the drain."

Christine Pearson called the system a "joke", saying "I would prefer to vote for my choice of Prime Minister, we have no say" while Clancy Bennett called for electoral change, stating that a leadership challenge "manifestly alters the party landscape which the people voted for".

Outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addresses the media for the final time.
Source: AAP

Umar Rahman said: "We need to rip off this bandaid and have a federal election. The people of The Commonwealth Of Australia are sick of this circus."

Voters appear to be divided over devout Christian Mr Morrison's appointment.

Lisa O'Brien posted: "Scott Morrison is the next Australian PM. Congratulations, can we now all move forward!"

But the incoming prime minister is also facing a backlash over his defence of coal as a viable energy source for Australia, as well as his policies on immigration and border protection.

Kon Karapanagiotidis, the chief executive and founder of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said a government run by Mr Morrison was "a catastrophe for refugees".

A handful of protesters have occupied the Department of Immigration in Sydney to protest against his appointment and calling for an end to the offshore detention of refugees.

With Australia seeing seven prime ministers in just 11 years, others raised concerns about how long Mr Morrison's tenure will last.

Chris Johnson posted: "Scott Morrison may be moving into The Lodge soon, but Bill Shorten will already be in there hanging up his favourite curtains, and that’s what sucks the most about all this." 

Margaret Hannon wrote: "Let’s introduce everyone to our next temporary PM. Just holding the reins for Labor."

William Walker believes the new prime minister won't be able to see out the full term.

"I just hope this is the final leader challenge mid term for a extremely long time. But I highly doubt it. If they can’t sort out the mess the Governor General needs to step in," he posted.

In a final speech on Friday, Mr Turnbull gave parting shots at the actions and politics of his right-wing critics and challengers within the party.

But some voters have criticised Mr Turnbull for not getting a grip on the situation.

John Dooley said his comments were too little too late, calling him a "leader who ruled over a party focused on race" while Robyn Whitford said he would still be prime minister if he had stuck to his ideals and "not conceded to the far right all the time".

Published 24 August 2018 at 5:11pm, updated 24 August 2018 at 6:40pm
Source: SBS News