Thousands flock to Melbourne fanfest


Pop-culture enthusiasts young and old have flocked to this year's Melbourne "Supanova" convention. Modern stars took top-billing - but the characters of yester-year were undoubtedly the crowd favourites.

From "Xena" - to "Mini Me" - to "Chewbacca". The actors behind some of science-fiction and popular culture's most iconic characters rubbed shoulders with thousands of adoring fans.

Stacey Deans travelled from Adelaide to meet the woman who played her hero - Lucy Lawless, the actor made famous as "Xena".

"Very, very, very excited. I'm trying to stay relatively calm so I can converse with Lucy but I'm very excited", Ms Deans said.

Stacey was among thousands to attend the 2-day event focusing on the escapism of imaginary worlds - over 30-thousand enthusiasts are expected to visit the Showgrounds over the weekend, witnessing the unusual and the bizarre.

Watch Luke Waters' report for more.

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