'Tough and stoic' Aussie bloke stereotype is changing: report


A report released on International Men's Day shows the stereotypical Aussie bloke may be a thing of the past.

Modern Aussie males - pop culture would have us believe they're tough stoic larrikins.

But new research by advertising agency M&C Saatchi shows that is changing.

"I think that it's pretty much a 360 degree turn on the majority of the stereotypes," Carolyn Managh from M&C Saatchi says.

According to the research, which was launched to coincide with International Men's Day, Aussie blokes are romantics who increasingly value time with their families.

Politicians of all persuasions welcomed the report at its Parliament House launch.

"I think its important that something like this is not politicised," Liberal MP Dennis Jensen says.

The report shows men are still reluctant to talk about their health and emotional wellbeing, an issue the Men's Shed movement has been tackling.

"We've found if you create the right environment for men, they will communicate with each other," says David Helmers from the Australian Men's Shed Association.

(Click on the video above to watch the full story)

Source SBS

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