Transylvanian music festival allowing attendees to pay in blood


A Transylvanian music festival is offering attendees a unique way to buy their ticket – with blood.

The Untold Festival is offering a 30 per cent discount for music lovers who donate blood before Friday, July 24.

The campaign, called “Pay With Blood”, is hoping to raise awareness of the need for blood donations in the country where only 1.7 per cent of citizens donate.

Director of Marketing and Communication Adrian Chereji described the campaign as “courageous”.

“Pay with blood is a novel and courageous initiative, which draws attention to the real need of blood in Romania,” he said.

“I wanted to contribute actively to increase the number of donors and, at the same time, to offer fans a unique method to pay ticket to the festival.”

Romania is one of the lowest European countries in terms of blood donors, according to the National Institute of Blood Transfusion.

It is in the bottom three countries, despite the need for blood being “very high”, according to Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre Director Doina Gosa.

“The units collected in 2014 were processed to obtain about 110,000 blood products that were sent to hospitals,” Dr Gosa said.

“The demand…is about 200,000.”

The three-day festival, starting on July 30, features artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan and David Guetta.

Source SBS

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