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Trump continues legal fight to block Twitter users

The US President has his Twitter critics in his sights. Source: Getty Images North America

The US President is vowing to challenge a US court ruling which bans him from blocking users on social media.

US President Donald Trump hasn't given up hope of being able to block critics who sledge him on Twitter.

Justice Department lawyers Friday asked the full 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan to decide whether a three-judge appeals panel erred in ruling he could not.

The US President is no stranger to a social media stir.
The US President is no stranger to a social media stir.
Getty Images North America

They said the case has important implications for public officials who increasingly use social media, particularly on personal social media accounts.

"If the panel is correct, public officials who address matters relating to their public office on personal accounts will run the risk that every action taken on that account will be state action subject to constitutional scrutiny," the lawyers wrote.

It is rare for the 2nd Circuit to grant a request for the 11 appeals judges who have not reached senior status to collectively consider a case. The appeals court generally grants such a request less often than once a year.

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