Turnbull hints at foreign donation crackdown

Malcolm Turnbull has hinted at banning foreign donations in Australian elections. (AAP)

Malcolm Turnbull says he believes Australians expect that only locals and local business can seek to influence elections.

Malcolm Turnbull has used his speech at the National Press Club to address foreign donations in Australian elections.

The Australian Electoral Commission on Wednesday released its annual donation disclosures which revealed Chinese-linked company Hong Kong Kingson Investment donated $860,000 to Australian political parties.

The company is owned by Chinese-born billionaire, Chau Chak Wing, donated $700,000 to the Liberal Party.

"Overseas events - as well as those here in Australia - have shown us that the Australian people must be confident that our electoral process is free from foreign intervention," the prime minister said.

Mr Turnbull said a parliamentary committee is investigating the complex issue, but he thinks Australians expect the government to ensure only locals can seek to influence our elections.

“I think you would find that the reason that the donations are disclosed in the way they are is historical and administrative.”

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