UK Labour MP defects over 'growth of anti-semitism' within the party

Dame Louise, who is Jewish, said she had been 'deeply troubled' by the 'growth of anti-Semitism' in Labour in recent years. Source: Getty Images Europe

In quitting the Labour Party, veteran MP Dame Louise Ellman described Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn as being a danger to Britain.

Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being a danger to the nation by veteran MP Dame Louise Ellman who has quit the party after 55 years.

Dame Louise, 73, who is Jewish, said she had been "deeply troubled" by the "growth of anti-Semitism" in Labour in recent years.

"I have made the truly agonising decision to leave the Labour Party after 55 years," she tweeted on Wednesday.

"I can no longer advocate voting Labour when it risks Corbyn becoming PM."

The Liverpool Riverside MP said she believes "Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to serve as our Prime Minister".

"With a looming general election and the possibility of him becoming Prime Minister, I feel I have to take a stand," she said.

She told the Times newspaper that if he became prime minister, "I believe that Jeremy Corbyn would be a danger to the country, a danger to the Jewish community as well, but a danger to the country too".

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