Ukrainian artist creates bullet portrait of Vladimir Putin'

Ukrainian artist Daria Marchenko is gaining fame for turning the often ugly remnants of war into creative works of art.

Marchenko's latest offering to the public is a large portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin created with 5,000 bullet cartridges brought from the frontline in eastern Ukraine onto a canvas that is over two metres high.

Marchenko uses a hand held light to bring life to her piece, with shadows dancing and elongating across the Russian president's face.

The artist says she intended for the piece entitled 'Face of War' to show Putin peering down at observers, as well as reflecting the energy of war.

Bullet cartridges for 'Face of War' were collected from the town of Maryinka, Pisky village and the grounds of Donetsk airport which has suffered some of the worst battles between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists since April last year.

Marchenko's previous works have been presented in Belgium, Germany and in New York during Fashion Week.

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