Uluru owners still living in poverty

Governments need to work harder to achieve equality for the Anangu traditional owners of Uluru, who still live in third-world conditions, a local leader says.

In the Aboriginal community of Mutitjulu, at the base of Uluru, people are living in third world conditions 30 years after reclaiming the iconic rock, a local leader says.

At the official celebration of the handback of Uluru and Kata Tjuta to the traditional owners, Vincent Forrester said the mistakes of successive governments were evident.

"When you look around Mutitjulu now ... You will see the mistakes of both governments, both Labor and Liberal, but also the Northern Territory government," he said.

"People are still living in third-world conditions here, and people from the city, your eye will tell you no lie."

There was a long way to go to close the gap on every front for the Anangu of Mutitjulu, Mr Forrester said, as he called on all governments to begin by treating Aboriginal people as their equals.

Source AAP

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