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US chocolatiers jailed for trafficking cocaine to Australia


US brothers Nathan and Andrew Dulley have been jailed for agreeing to be part of a syndicate that hid cocaine within their chocolate exports to Australia.

Los Angeles brothers Nathan and Andrew Dulley have been sentenced by a US judge to prison after admitting to using their California-based fine chocolate business to traffic large quantities of cocaine to Australia.

The Dulleys linked up with Owen Hanson, the former University of Southern California gridiron player who was the kingpin of the violent ODOG drug-trafficking, money laundering and illegal gambling syndicate.

Nathan Dulley, 36, was sentenced to 33 months' prison in the US District Court in San Diego on Monday.

Andrew Dulley, 34, received 25 months.

The brothers entered guilty pleas to conspiracy to distribute cocaine charges.

The court heard the Dulleys both had alcohol issues and their import/export fine chocolate company was in financial trouble.

It was Nathan Dulley who had the relationship with Hanson.

The brothers agreed to mix about 150kg of cocaine in with their legitimate chocolate exports to Australia, where it was distributed and sold by ODOG members.

"It does appear some sense of financial desperation contributed to the offence," Judge William Hayes told the court.

Extradited Ibrahim brothers to face court over alleged drug ring
Extradited Ibrahim brothers to face court over alleged drug ring

The Dulleys are the latest convictions from a joint investigation by the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, NSW Police and the NSW Crime Commission.

Hanson was previously sentenced to 21 years' prison and his second in command, Giovanni "Tank" Brandolino, received an 87-month sentence.

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