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US councilman takes stand against law enforcement anti-immigration flyers

Coucilman Jimmy Van Bramer has urged his fellow residents to tear down the "ominous" posters. Source: Instagram @jimmyvanbramer

The flyers posted in the diverse suburb of Queens has prompted a New York City councilman to tear them down - and urge residents to do the same.

A New York City councilman has taken a stand against anti-immigration street flyers posted by law enforcement officials, saying they are designed to intimidate.

Jimmy Van Bramer was jogging in Queens when he came across one of the flyers that calls on US citizens to report "any or all illegal aliens" to the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

His response was to tear the flyer down and has called on his fellow neighbours to do the same.

"Saw this poster on #SkillmanAvenue in a couple of spots during my morning run today. I tore them up. We are a #SanctuaryCity and if we are to remain so we need to be a sanctuary neighborhood. All Immigrants are welcome here. If you see these posters, feel free to take them down. Be a sanctuary neighbor. #QueensValues must trump #TrumpValues," Mr Van Bramer wrote on Instagram.

Mr Bramer told CNN the flyer, which sent "chills" through his body, was dark and ominous and was meant to intimidate immigrants.

He hopes his action will send a message that hate and discrimination have no place in Queens.

"We're not going to allow anyone to intimidate immigrants in this community," Van Bramer told CNN.
"We pride ourselves in being a sanctuary city and we want to make sure everyone knows that immigrants are welcome here."

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