Victoria posts record low road toll

Victoria has recorded its lowest number of lives lost on the road in decades in 2018, but police say one life lost is too many.

Victoria is boasting its lowest road toll in at least three decades in 2018, but that's little comfort for families of those 214 who lost their lives.

Police have acknowledge the record low number of lives lost in 2018, 45 less than 2017 and 29 fewer than the previous record low of 243 in 2013.

Head of Road Policing Operations Superintendent John Fitzpatrick said the record low is encouraging but there were still too many fatalities on Victorian roads.

"The fact that there were 45 fewer lives lost in 2018 will be of no comfort to those who are mourning someone who was precious to them," Supt Fitzpatrick said on Tuesday.

"One life lost is one too many,"

There was a reduction of almost a third in lives lost on country roads, but a 26.7 percent rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities.

Police also increased the number of drug tests by 50 per cent, which means they will do 50,000 more in this financial year compared to the last.

"These measures and the commitment of our officers are an important factor in the reduced number of lives lost," he said.

"We should also remember that while there are fewer fatalities, thousands of Victorians suffer serious and life-changing injuries on our roads each year. This is the hidden cost of road trauma."

Road toll provisional figures in 2018 shows:

* 108 lives were lost on country roads, a decrease of 30.09 percent on 2017, when 154 people lost their lives on country roads

* 106 lives have been lost on metropolitan roads, one more than in 2017.

* Pedestrian deaths have increased by 26.7 percent, with 38 killed in 2018 compared 30 in 2017.

* The number of cyclist deaths has almost halved, from 12 in 2017 to seven in 2018.

* 36 motorcyclists lost their lives, one less than in 2017. One pillion passenger was killed, the same as in 2017.

* Males accounted for the majority of lives lost with 155 compared with 59 females.

* The 25 to 29-year-old age bracket experienced the biggest increase in lives lost, with 15.8 per cent more killed than in 2017.

Source: Victoria Police

Source AAP

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