Victorian community fighting ice 'epidemic' through education

A Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the use crystal of methamphetamine - or ice - is using education as a means of curbing the growing problem.

In the northwest Victorian town of Mildura, 1000 schoolchildren were brought together for a drug-awareness education campaign put on by a number of local agencies.

The schoolchildren were presented with information about the dangers of drug use, with a particular emphasis on ice.

Victoria Police Detective Senior Sargent Scott Anderson said ice was marketed as a recreational drug, "but that couldn’t be anything further from the truth."

He said the police had noticed a spike in ice usage among Indigenous youth in Mildura.

"We are certainly noticing more and more of our indigenous youth are being involved and becoming involved in the use of ice," he said.

Community Liaison Officer Jemmes Handy said the problem was growing.

"We're losing our young people through ice and it's like an epidemic at the moment," she said.

"Our young people - I’m pretty sure they don’t understand the effect of the ice problem and it’s really sad at the moment.

"The Aboriginal Corporation has put drug forums on for our give them a good education about this sort of stuff."

The Mallee District Aboriginal Health Services is putting its own submission to the parliamentary inquiry calling for more withdrawal services in Mildura to help families cope.

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Source: NITV News