WA police union flatly rejects pay offer

The WA Police Union says it is highly likely to reject the pay rise offered by the state government.

A proposed $1000 a year pay rise for Western Australian police is disrespectful to the state's officers, the police union says.

The state government believes the offer is fair and reasonable and says it will keep WA officers among the best paid in the nation.

But union president Harry Arnott says it represents a cut in real wages once inflation is taken into account.

"We have bargained in good faith and endeavoured to work with government to find a mutually beneficial agreement," Mr Arnott said.

"We told them to provide their best offer at the first instance.

"However, if this is their best effort then it's not worth the paper it is printed on."

Mr Arnott said union officials would meet on Wednesday to discuss the offer but it was highly likely it would be rejected.

The pay boost would take the entry-level constable wage to $75,284 and the pay for an inspector to $142,233.

Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston said the state's police force did an outstanding job in difficult circumstances.

"The $1,000 offer is fair and reasonable," he said.

The government said the pay rise was also in line with the public sector wages policy released in 2017 for all public sector employees including teachers, nurses and general staff.

It came after a move to freeze the salaries for MPs, judges and senior public servants.

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