Wanderers fans pledge to Poznan


No matter how few they number, Western Sydney fans will continue the team's 80th minute tradition in the Asian Champions League final.

The travelling Western Sydney contingent may be small but they're ready to make a lot of noise in the Asian Champions League (ACL) final.

The Wanderers face Al-Hilal in the second leg of their ACL showdown tonight (Sunday morning AEST), with most of their travelling support arriving in Riyadh this morning.

Not that there's many of them.

Just 14 travelling fans have made the long journey, including sole female supporter Kate Durnell and celebrity fan Ian "Dicko" Dickson.

Their number will swell to around 200, Wanderers officials believe, with local ex-pat support.

And while Dickson may be used to celebrity status, it's Durnell that has stolen the limelight.

The 20-year-old was greeted by many cameras on touchdown at Riyadh airport, clad in the culturally appropriate abaya.

She said her excitement levels were overflowing.

"I'm just jumping out of my skin right now, I can't wait to get to the game," she said.

"Walking in through customs I've had several people tell me I'm famous.

"Everyone's been so welcoming, people want photos with us and me, it's been great."

Her father Richard is along for the ride - though this is only the second football match he's ever attended.

"I said a few months ago to Kate, I'll be more supportive of you than the Wanderers," he said.

"I didn't think I'd get to this level of support."

With around 65,000 Al-Hilal supporters to attend, the Durnells will join with Dickson in a small pocket of red and black at King Fahd International Stadium.

Dickson said while they may be small in number, they'd be sure to share one of Western Sydney's proudest traditions with the crowd.

"80th minute, there will be a Poznan," he said.

The Poznan is a celebration adopted by Wanderers fans where supporters link arms with their backs to the field, bouncing up and down.

Dickson, who declared himself a "fanatical" supporter, said Al-Hilal fans in the home leg were terrific and the group was keen on replicating their away support.

"We cannot not do the Poznan, it's part of our DNA," he said.

"Hopefully we'll be able to turn our backs in the knowledge that we're 2-0 up and the cup is ours."

The Wanderers lead the tie after a 1-0 first leg win in Parramatta last Saturday.

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