'We wanted to dry the Nazis out': German locals hoard town's beer ahead of far-right festival

German locals leave town's stores dry. Source: @Nguyenv63259085

Locals in the German town of Ostritz have purchased the town's entire beer supply ahead of an annual far-right music festival, leaving neo-Nazi attendees with nothing to drink.

Hundreds of far-right revelers were left feeling thirsty at the Schild und Schwert Festival (Shield and Sword Festival) held in the German state of Saxony over the weekend. 

A court in the state's capital Dresden had already imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol and possession of alcohol at the event in an attempt to prevent violent incidents.

Saxony police revealed they confiscated more than 4000 liters of beer from those attending the event. 

But Ostritz locals went one step further, buying out the town's entire beer supply to ensure neo-Nazi visitors had little chance of getting their hands on an alcoholic beverage.

"The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out," Ostritz activist, Georg Salditt, told the Bild newspaper.

"We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we'll empty the shelves."  

Ostritz locals buy entire town's beer supply.
Ostritz locals buy entire town's beer supply.
Daniel Schäfer/DPA

Saxony Premier Michael Kretschmer praised the locals' actions and those that took part in protests countering white-supremacist views over the weekend. 

"I am very impressed with how in such a small town…the citizens stand up to make it clear that right-wing extremists are not wanted here," Mr Kretschmer told the DPA news agency.

Providing regular updates on Twitter over the weekend, Saxony police revealed a 33-year-old bassist performing at the festival was arrested after changing into a balaclava during his performance, a crime under Germany's anti-mask laws which prevent people from covering their faces in public.

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