'What a banger': Jessica Mauboy's Eurovision song wows London crowds

Australia’s representative belted out her track 'We Got Love' at a packed nightclub.

Jessica Mauboy has begun her journey to the Eurovision Song Contest with a performance in London. 

The official Eurovision preview party at the Café de Paris nightclub, just off Leicester Square, was the first time she had performed her song 'We Got Love' in front of a big crowd. 

“There’s all sorts of things going on, nerves, butterflies, there’s so much to take in,” Mauboy told SBS News at the event. 

“I mean, the travel alone has been quite amazing.”

Her performance received a positive reaction from the crowd and on social media. "What a banger," UK TV columnist Ed Gleave tweeted. 

Mauboy will perform in several other European countries in preparation for the second of the Eurovision semi-finals in Lisbon on 10 May (5am, 11 May AEDT). 

Her previous stop was Portugal to film her ‘postcard’ segment that will be aired before her performance on the global broadcast, should she make the final on 12 May (5am, 13 May AEDT).

“That was really exciting, to see Portugal for the first time. The language, the food, the architecture, so much history, I only got a bit of a taste!” she said. 

Australian singer Jessica Mauboy performs at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014.
Source: AAP

The London Eurovision Party brought together many of artists who will perform in Lisbon, as well as some contestants from previous song contests.

The UK's representative Surie is well aware of the pressure on her.

“Anything above nil points is a victory right?" she said. "I’m there to have a good time, I’m not a competitive person.” 

“I’m aware that I’m part of a contest, but it’s about the music, putting on a huge entertainment show for the masses.”

While Australia’s participation has been considered controversial in the past, many in the current crop of singers say they welcome the competition.

“I think everybody should be involved,” Czech Republic entrant Mikolas Josef said.   

“I think it’s a great thing Australia’s involved, it always brings a different vibe into the thing.”

Mauboy, who previously performed on the Eurovision stage as an interval act in 2014, said Australia’s history with the contest is richer than many in Europe realise.

Jess Mauboy performs for fans ahead of Eurovision Song Contest 2018

“We’ve been broadcasting this amazing show for over 30 years through SBS,” she said.

“I remember watching it when I was 11 years old, that’s when I was first inspired by this amazing show.”

Mauboy will soon head to Denmark and Israel, before arriving in Lisbon. 

SBS will broadcast the Eurovision semi-finals and finals live. 

Published 6 April 2018 at 12:56pm, updated 6 April 2018 at 7:59pm
Source: Ben Lewis