'What is that thing?' Wacky signature overshadows resignation of Solicitor-General

The signature... Source: Supplied

It took just minutes for the talk of Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson's resignation to switch to just one question: what on earth is that signature George Brandis is signing off with?

A signature is a personal thing and many would say it reflects the personality and style of its owner. So making any judgement of a person's personal stamp seems pointless. That is until you see something so bizarre, so random, and so completely ridiculous you simply must respond.

Today as the news raced across the digital ether that Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson had resigned, citing a breakdown in trust between himself and Attorney General George Brandis, Gleeson's letter was being widely shared. However, it was Brandis' response letter's signature that had people talking. It was a bizarre scrawl that looked like a cross between a Mr Squiggle drawing and some kind of lost rune.

 A few words that come to mind are "wacky","zany", "free spirited", "whimsical" and "outsider".

If the intention of releasing this signature was to change the discussion then it is a masterstroke in managing the news cycle.

Comparisons to the work of much loved children's show Mr Squiggle was common.

Then it went international.

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