Who will be in Donald Trump's government?

Who will be in Donald Trump's government?

SBS World News Radio: Disillusioned voters are rioting across the US, as President Elect Donald Trump turns his attention towards the transition of power. 

The New York businessman is assembling his new government, rewarding those who remained loyal throughout the long campaign.

Former Vice Presidential candidate, and climate change denier, Sarah Palin is reportedly being considered for Interior Secretary after championing Mr Trump throughout the campaign.

"He, better than anyone, isn't he known for being able to command. Fire. Are you ready for a commander in chief? You ready for our commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick ISIS ass."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is rumoured to become the White House chief of staff.

Mr Trump has boasted of their closeness.

"Reince has done such an amazing job and they portrayed him slightly inaccurately. Reince come here for a second please. The head of the Republican National Committee has done such a great job, we're friends, we work together, we work with a lot of other people. And I have to say, we have great unification."

Alabama senator and Trump advocate Jeff Sessions is rumoured to be in consideration for a prominent position, as well as retired General Michael Flynn, a possible pick for national security adviser.

Mr Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway announced on Twitter she had been offered a job in the White House, but has not revealed what that is.

She was by the businessman's side throughout the marathon campaign and backed him on a range of issues.

"Defending the sanctity of life was a really great one. I know a lot of Republican candidates who say they're pro-life and can't really articulate it the way he did where he took the case directly to Hillary Clinton. Basically, she supports abortion in the ninth month and most Americans certainly do not."

House speaker Paul Ryan has met with Donald Trump, but remained coy when pressed on what role he would take on.

"Let me just say, how excited we are about these opportunities for the country. We had a fantastic productive meeting about getting to work, rolling up our sleeves and going to work for the American people. Donald Trump had the most impressive victories we have ever seen, and we're going to turn that into progress for the American people and we are now talking about how we are going to hit the ground running to make sure that we can get this country turned around and make America great again."

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told CNN he is ready for the Attorney General job if it comes his way.

"I certainly have the energy and there's probably nobody that knows the justice department better than me. I was assistant US Attorney, I was the Associate Attorney General for the United States, the third ranking official under Ronald Reagan, I've argued in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. I've argued in almost every circuit and I tried as a personal lawyer and U-S Attorney over fifty cases. REPORTER: It's a good resume."

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, an early dropout from the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, may take the role of education secretary.

The husband of Mr Trump's daughter, Ivanka, Jared Kushner, may score a spot too.

But Donald Trump has been his own boss for a long time.

Senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, William Galson, says he is accustomed to acting alone.

"I think we have to take our bearings from his activist character, the fact that he's used to being in charge of things. He does not mind acting alone, as a matter of a fact he rather prides himself on his capacity to act alone."

Working in a team and creating a cohesive government is one of the topics being discussed as the President elect meets with outgoing president Barack Obama.

"Well I just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president elect Trump. It was wide ranging. We talked about some of the organisational issues in setting out the White House, about foreign policy, to walk about domestic policy and as I said last night my priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensure our president elect is successful."