Why a Polish Christmas ad has gone viral


A Christmas advertisement for Polish auction website Allegro has attracted more than seven million YouTube views in 10 days.

The advertisement documents the journey of a Polish grandfather learning to speak English ahead of a Christmas trip to London.

With the help of a beginners learning kit, the endearing older man dedicates his time to learning the basics of the English language. 

As the advertisement progresses he moves on to more complex phrases - including public declarations of love and foul-mouthed threats in the bath.

The man wins over audiences in the final moments of the video, when the motivation for his language pursuit is made clear. 

Aside from an opening title, the three-minute mini-film doesn't mention the product advertised. 

The advertisement's developers say the lack of branding helped keep the video authentic and relatable to audiences - a goal the auction website set out to achieve. 

The video, What are you looking for at Christmas? English for beginners has amassed thousands of comments on Facebook and YouTube from viewers who say they were "brought to tears" by the heart-warming clip. 

Source SBS News


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