Wild pig hunters compete for Miss Bacon Buster title


There's Miss Universe, Miss World, and even Miss Australia. But there's also a Miss award for pig hunting. The Feed went to Walgett in regional New South Wales to meet Miss Bacon Busters 2013.

Jade Hammond seems like your average 23-year-old. She's married, has a job as a pharmacy worker, and like many regional Australians she loves to go hunting.

In fact in 2013 Jade's hunting efforts earned her the title of Miss Bacon Busters 2013.

Women from across Australia are encouraged to hunt for wild pigs and send their best pics in to Bacon Busters magazine to feature in a section known as Babes and Boars. The best hunters then go into the running for the Miss Bacon Buster title.

"It’s touch and go how many we catch," says Jade. "Sometimes we’ll go out and catch 10, 15, other times we’ll go out and maybe catch one."

"For the last year we caught 360… we kept a tally."

Jade and her husband Scott live in Walgett a small town in regional New South Wales with a population of just 2300 people.

And as others in regional towns might know there's not a lot of activities to keep people entertained - so Jade and her husband turned to hunting.

"We go piggin’ pretty much every Friday, Saturday night. Sunday afternoons and of an afternoon through the week if we’re not too tired," she says. "We’re always keen for a hunt.”

Pigs were an introduced species in Australia and came here with the First Fleet. There's now more than 22 million - close to the number of people in the general population. And while some might hate the idea of killing the pigs - the truth is they cause havoc for crops and farmers.
"You don’t know until you come out here and you see the damage they do to the crops," says Jade. "You can’t say that it is cruel. They are not native to Australia. So I am not killing a kangaroo."

"They eat the farmers crops, so they’ll eat their barely, wheat, chickpeas, sorghum, anything they plant"

"People don’t realise that’s what they do. They just see it as we’re killing an animal."

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