Woman fired via Facebook after rant

A British woman is regretting adding her boss on Facebook, after shewas publicly fired on the social networking site for defaming heremployer.

A British woman is regretting adding her boss on Facebook, after she was publicly fired on the social networking site for defaming her employer.

The woman, whose identity was blacked out on internet blog Applicant, reportedly vented her frustrations about her boss and workplace on her Facebook status.

After posting "OMG I HATE MY JOB!! My boss is a total pervvy (sic) wanker always making me do sh*t stuff just to piss me off!! WANKER!" she was immediately fired by her boss.

Unfortunately the now unemployed worker had added her boss as a friend, allowing him, and all other co-workers see her status.

Her boss, who's identity was also hidden, defended the allegations that he was making sexual advances on her.

"You've worked here 5 months and didn't work out that I'm gay? I know I don't prance around the office like a queen, but it's not exactly a secret", he said".

The boss then proceeded to identify her day-to-day mistakes while ending the post with a notice of termination.

"Don't bother coming in tomorrow".

The woman reportedly vented her frustration two weeks before her 6 month trial period.

The blog site, which gives people advice about recruitment and job skills, warns social networking can sometimes hinder your chance of finding work if not used correctly.

"Some people seem to keep forgetting that social media if not utilized properly can hurt your job search and can lead to job loss", it says.

It also suggests users take extra care when posting information and consider who will be reading it.

"Before you go ahead and utilize the power of free speech on Facebook or any other social media platforms make sure you watch what you are saying".

"Just make sure before you publish anything on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or anywhere else, you haven't friended one of your colleagues or bosses before you make a rude remark about them."

The warning comes after Australian call centre worker Kyle Doyle faked a sick day in order to get off work.

Doyle posted "Not going to work, f*** it i'm still trashed SICKIE WOO" only to find out days later that his supervisor saw the update on his Facebook status and refused him to process an official absence day form.

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