Twenty people living at an aged care facility in Pennsylvania have been injured after a massive fire broke out.
Roy Moore's campaign has lashed out at the women accusing him of sexual misconduct, with supporters accusing them of "bearing false witness".
After days of silence about a series of sexual misconduct scandals roiling the United States, President Donald Trump weighed in on Thursday, bashing a leading...
US actor Sylvester Stallone has denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenager in 1986, saying the media reports were "ridiculous" and false.
Radio anchor Leeann Tweeden has accused former comedian and now US senator Al Franken of forcing a kiss on her and groping her in 2006.
Mystery surrounds Nick Philippoussis' health with his US lawyer and San Diego sheriffs both declining to say what happened to the allege child molester.
The US tax debate now moves to the Senate after the House of Representatives approved Donald Trump's broad package, which critics say favours the wealthy.
The Pentagon has apologsied after 'erroneously' retweeting an activist's call for US President Donald Trump to resign.
Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has unveiled a prototype electric big rig, dubbed the Tesla Semi.
Animal rights groups, celebrities and scientists have all expressed anger at a move by the Trump administration to lift an importation ban of elephant trophies...
Democratic US Senator Al Franken was forced on Thursday to apologise to a female radio host who accused the former comedian of groping her and kissing her without...
Russia has blocked a draft resolution at the UN for an inquiry into who was to blame for the April 4 sarin attack in Syria, which killed dozens of people.
Mass killer Charles Manson is alive but there are no further details on his health after he was reportedly rushed to hospital.
Washington says all options, including military, are on the table in dealing with North Korea, but stresses its preference is for a diplomatic solution.
Conservation groups have blasted a US move to allow trophy hunters to import African elephant body parts as further imperilling an already endangered species.

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EXCLUSIVE: SBS News has obtained CCTV footage of delivery workers illegally using Sydney’s tunnel system, as critics say international students are most at risk.
The wardrobe of one of Australia's favourite film characters has been re-imagined by a costume designer from former Czechoslovakia.
A UK bakery chain has divided customers by reworking a nativity scene in a promotional advent calendar.
Australia has given same-sex marriage a resounding Yes but some electorates with high immigrant populations voted No.
Australians have voted to support same-sex marriage - and the ball is now in the court of federal parliament to make it happen.