An explosion-like sound was heard on the morning an Argentine navy submarine sent its last signal nearly two weeks ago, the navy has revealed.
Argentina's navy confirmed Thursday that an unusual noise heard in the ocean near the last known position of an Argentine navy submarine appeared to be an...
Concern for the crew of a missing Argentinian submarine are growing amid fears the vessel may be running low on oxygen.
Frightening footage captures unrelenting weather conditions facing navy vessels during the search for a missing submarine.
Experts are trying to establish whether crew aboard a missing Argentine navy submarine have tried to make contact.
An Argentine Navy submarine with 44 sailors aboard hasn't been heard from since Wednesday.
A search is underway for an Argentine submarine with 44 crew members on board is missing in the South Atlantic, 32 kilometres from the Patagonian coast.
European Union foreign ministers have approved economic sanctions on Venezuela.
Hundreds of mothers gathered to breastfeed their babies in a park in Bogota Friday, in a "nurse-in" demonstration aimed at raising acceptance of the practice and...
Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says the US is 'deliberately lying' about unexplained 'sonic' attacks on diplomats in Cuba.
Adelaide drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has been sentenced to a maximum of six years behind bars in Colombia and slapped with a $US90,000 fine after a judge rubber...
Contestants broke with tradition and turned the Miss Peru pageant into a protest highlighting violence against women in one of South America's most dangerous...
Argentine President Maurico Macri's centre-right coalition is on the path to win the country's mid-term elections, with the tipped victory strengthening his...
The family of Argentinian protester Santiago Maldonado are convinced a body found in a river is his, with reports police detained him before he went missing.
Venezuelan electoral board president Tibisay Lucena says the ruling Socialist Party has won 17 governorships, versus five for the opposition.

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The life sentence handed down to ex-Bosnian Serb wartime commander Ratko Mladic 'doesn't change anything' for Melbourne based artist and Srebrenica massacre survivor...
A loaf of bread containing about 70 dried house crickets will go on sale in Finland on Friday.
A woman who was helped by a homeless man has set up a GoFundMe page to help him find a home so far gathering over $US60,000 ($AU78,000) in donations.
Two Broome men say they went into “full survival mode” during an ordeal that saw their ute bogged in croc-infested waters.
A move by Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri to suspend his surprise resignation is a move closer to easing political tensions inside the country, a Middle East...
EXCLUSIVE: News of Robert Mugabe's resignation was especially sweet for opposition activist Sekai Holland, who was almost beaten to death at the hands of his regime.
Experts say Australia's first foreign policy white paper in 14 years realistically sets out global challenges and opportunities.