There have been three attempted suicides and 13 self-harm attempts at the facility in recent months.
Victoria's rate of Aboriginal incarceration is 13 times higher than the general population. The Premier says more needs to be done to overcome the 'significant...
The Lions strongly condemned the incident, saying they had referred it to the AFL's integrity unit.
The council supports the work of John Moriarty Football, the longest running scholarship program for Blak soccer players.
The tennis legend has written a revealing letter explaining her complicated motivations and feelings upon leaving the game she came to define.
The teenager died from a preventable cardiac disease only six weeks before he was due to be released from prison in 2018. The WA coroner deemed that multiple...
More than 50 Indigenous women from across Australia will travel to Canberra this week to learn about the federal political system.

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Australia is built on Aboriginal land and this continent is made up of many First Nations groups.
The Queensland government says Blackfellows creek and Black G** Creek are set to formally return to Indigenous names as a dark history of the area is attempted to...
Ms Gorrie was the only Aboriginal person on last night's Q&A panel, where she called on the federal government to abolish prisons, defund the police and provide...
Sir Doug Nicholls has been honoured by the Australia Post after his granddaughter Bev Murray lobbied for him to be celebrated.
In line with this year's NAIDOC theme — we reflect on some significant moments where our people have shifted history by fighting for their communities.
Palawa photographer Wayne Quilliam has won a $50,000 prize for his beautiful picture titled 'Silent Strength 2021'.






NAIDOC 2022 | 3 - 10 July. A week to celebrate Indigenous culture and heritage, commemorate our history, unify our communities, and share that with the rest of the nation.

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‘True Colours’ airs over four consecutive nights during NAIDOC Week, from Monday 4 to Thursday 7 July. Here’s who’s who in this gripping new Australian drama.
Karla Grant and her Living Black team are back and ready to tell the biggest stories of our people.
Welcoming two heavy-hitters of the game Dean Widders and Andrew Krakouer to our NITV footy line-up.
PLUS first songs released! It's all heading to a show like no other on February 26.
Ky Furneaux and Calem O’Grady barely knew each other when they decided to head to the bush while sitting out the pandemic.
First Nations children's program Little J and Big Cuz returns with new learnings and big, bold adventures.

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In 1993, 'Bringing Them Home' promised change. But Aboriginal families are still being torn apart, writes Paul Gray.
Anyone who was in attendance would agree, that the spirit of the Wiradjuri heroes, and our many ancestors, were with us, writes Joe Williams.
OPINION: Its wisdom, culture, discipline, tenderness and an end-of-the-day hot cup of tea after a hot shower, writes Fallon Gregory.
Zachary Rolfe was acquitted of the murder of Kumanjayi Walker by a jury with no First Nations people. This case is the latest example of a system with entrenched...
It’s time this country shifted its perspective and started seeing things from the lens of an Aboriginal woman. Let’s 'break the bias' by starting with that,...
In 1993, 'Bringing Them Home' promised change. But Aboriginal families are still being torn apart, writes Paul Gray.
If anything has prevented our healing it is not our inability to forgive, but the racist practices, policies and systems that continue to perpetuate the violence...
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Marissa Williamson, the former Victorian NAIDOC Sportsperson handed her crown to Nikita Rotumah, who runs a boxing program just like the one that fostered a young...
The 800-year-old trees were stolen in the 1940s, with at least one known to be in Switzerland.
An 11-year-old Redbank child's NAIDOC-inspired poem has won in the international Ipswich Poetry Feast's annual competition.
This year's Melbourne Fashion Week - which kicked off on Monday - will be a celebration of First Nations designers, models and artists.
Cheryle Edwards spends her days supporting students and families to get the most out of their education at the only special needs school in Central Australia.
A Yugambeh woman hopes her journey will encourage other young First Nations people to pursue their basketball dreams.
Type 2 diabetes is the fastest growing disease in Australia but Indigenous exercise physiologist Ray Kelly believes it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Three Ipima Ikaya men have been trained in technology which will hopefully capture more proof of the vulnerable bird’s presence.
Stars will be in attendance for Blak music's night of nights, the first live NIMAs ceremony since COVID began.
Hundreds gathered at the NCIE after the abrupt news that it would close next week, leaving dozens of Aboriginal staff jobless and youth without their safe space.
An Indigenous man has died after being found unconscious in his cell at Perth's maximum-security Casuarina Prison.
First Nations communities devastated by the unprecedented floods in northern NSW earlier this year say the emergency response "was woefully inadequate".
The senator said being made to retake the oath of allegiance to the monarch was akin to "kneeling before the coloniser".
The historian asks why, in a country full of Captain Cook statues, there are so few monuments to the First Nations heroes of the frontier wars?
Leanne Liddle questioned the ability of police in the Territory to respond to domestic violence towards First Nations women in light of a recent inquiry examining...
Staff were given letters of dismissal and kids left to stand in the street at the Redfern icon, with the owners saying they 'worked in good faith' to secure its...
The Pitjantjatjara woman's radical advocacy over decades has been further honoured with scholarships supporting First Nations healthcare and public sector workers.
The Minister for Indigenous Australians says the government will gather as much consensus as possible to ensure the success of the referendum.
First Nations leaders have begun to debate following the announcements by Anthony Albanese at Garma on Saturday.
Tributes are being shared far and wide after the heartbreaking loss of the legendary songman.
The pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Queensland earlier this month.
In a statement, his family said he wanted all his fans to know how much he loves them.