The Prime Minister's has had to struggle through a series of windy press conference this week, prompting a series of giggles on social media.
7 Aug 2013 - 11:30 AM  UPDATED 26 Aug 2013 - 2:01 PM

We all know politics can be a hair-raising business.

As a senior minister you have to spend all day explaining sweeping reforms in a bid to get ahead.

There's always tricky policies to sell - like changes to the fringe benefits tax or cutbacks by the razor gang.

So you're bound to have the odd brush with making yourself look silly.

But you'd really have to comb the archives to find a prime minister who's had more trouble with his hair than Kevin Rudd.

Since the election campaign started on Sunday, Mr Rudd has suffered through a series of windy press conferences, forcing him to desperately keep his hair in place.

In one recent pow-wow with journalists the PM adjusted his hair no less than 22 times - desperately sweeping his fringe flat while trying to smooth the way with reporters.

On Twitter, the #StopTheHairFlicks hashtag has really taken off, and on YouTube people have started posting videos of the prime minister performing his now trademark hair flick.

But Mr Rudd, whose party remains just a whisker behind the Coalition in the latest opinion polls, may have the last laugh.

The Prime Minister has become expert at the art of using funny social media videos to boost his popularity.

Mr Rudd has gained millions of followers on his personal Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts by posting candid videos and images - including a recent snap with a shaving cut.