• It is music's dual nature as a set of cultural objects and an activity fostering solidarity that explains its effectiveness for social movements. (NITV)Source: NITV
Because of its temporal synchronicity and its expression in lyrics, music has been an especially powerful form of cultural expression.
Luke Briscoe

11 May 2015 - 10:00 AM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2015 - 5:50 PM

It is music's dual nature as a set of cultural objects and an activity fostering solidarity that explains its effectiveness for social movements. Music not only serves as an important resource for social movements, but is also something they actively “do.”

Here are 5 Shows Exploring The Power of Black Music and how it influences society.

#5 Fusion With Casey Donovan, Saturday afternoon 1:30PM 

Indigenous music has come a long way in the last 3 decades and it is only since the 80' and 90's did Australian's learn to appreciate and understand Indigenous contemporary music. In recent years their is no one more successful and well known in Australia music industry then our very own Jess Mauboy.

Fusion is a show produced by Deadly Vibe TV and NITV and is hosted by Australia’s most versatile Indigenous entertainer, Casey Donovan. Fusion aims to find new music and provide a platform where artists can launch their careers and also highlight the sucesses of artist like Jess Mauboy and Emma Donovan. 

Music (PG)

#4 Defining Moments, Saturday night 8:00PM 

This documentary on Emma Donovan will capture the raw emotion of her experience at the Garma Festival. This intimate story will showcase her connection with country and culture.

Emma Donovan has established herself as one of Australia’s finest Indigenous singer/songwriters. Including her traditional language Gumbayngirr in her songs, Emma is committed to educating the global community to understand more about Aboriginal culture and spirituality. Originally from Northern NSW, Emma has performed across the globe treating audiences to her rich soulful voice seamlessly blending genres from roots, reggae and gospel to smooth soul.

Documentary (PG)

#3 NITV on the Road: Yabun 2015, Saturday Nights 8:30PM 

Yabun Festival is the largest one day celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in the country. Held annually on 26th January (Survival Day) upon the traditional lands of the Gadigal people at Victoria Park, Camperdown, the festival has a vibrant program of the arts, dance, music and speakers.

From our travelling music series NITV showcases veterans and newcomers alike as they perform up on the Yabun stage at Victoria Park, Sydney.

Music (PG)

#2 Marley Africa Roadtrip, Saturday nights 9:30pm 

This fun and powerful series follows Ziggy Marley and his two brothers Robbie and Rohan as they travel through thriving urban communities and across remote savannahs, all the while building momentum for a spectacular concert.

Marley Africa Roadtrip captures the highs and lows of this freewheeling, fully-charged expedition as they travel on motorcycles to reconnect with their father’s legacy and discuss returning to the land that Bob Marley loved.

Constantly collaborating with a diverse range of artists, Ziggy wanted to perform with African musicians. The series finale sees him planning and performing a concert in Soweto. In the build up to the concert tension mounts as we see Ziggy teaching local musicians to play Bob Marley’s music and rehearsing for the spontaneous performance in record time.

Documentary (PG)

#1 Fonko, Sunday nights 8:30PM 

A television series about the musical revolution taking place in Africa today - narrated by Neneh Cherry

While southern Europe is crumbling, Angola is the world’s fastest growing economy. In Africa’s rapidly developing cities, urban musicians are creating sounds that have come to define the new generation. Urban music like kuduro, coupé-décalé and azonto have arisen out of social change and have come to define a new African identity shaped by post-colonial consciousness. In a six part television series, the ”Fonko” team will meet the most exciting musicians, djs and bloggers from Angola, Senegal, Nigeria and other countries in their home environments, as well as international artists who have been influenced by modern African music.

Documentary (PG)