• Fans have been booing Adam Goodes at every possession. (AAP)Source: AAP
Carlton, Gold Coast and North Melbourne. Three different sets of 'fans' made their thoughts about Adam Goodes clear.
Nick Vindin

15 Jun 2015 - 2:55 PM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2015 - 8:33 PM

Over the last three weeks a section of fans have mercilessly targeted Adam Goodes, booing him at every possession. 

Veteran broadcaster Alan Jones, himself a former top-flight sporting coach, took to the airways to suggest that it was "a lot of rot" to label the display of those spectators as racist.

Jones suggested on his breakfast radio program that the crowd's verbal cries were a demonstration of the fans' dislike of the dual Brownlow medallist, and nothing more sinister than that.

"I can't ever remember anyone booing Mark Ella. It may just have something to do with the fact that some fans don't like Adam Goodes," Jones told listeners.

"He is always at war with someone. He tells we haven't done this, that and the other for indigenous Australians. We have fallen over each other to be quite honest."

"Unlike the fans and shock jocks, Goodes has maintained a dignified silence"

Marka Ella, a legend of Rugby Union who excelled under an Alan Jones-coached Wallabies side, told NITV News he strongly disagreed with the broadcaster.

"It is stupid. Adam has worked his backside off to get to where he has. He has done it through commitment, perseverance and hard work. He shouldn't be treated like this."

In recent weeks, the Premiership winner has been an easy target for high-profile commentators. First Eddie McGuire and most recently Alan Jones. It is the ongoing negative remarks that have frustrated Ella who says he expects more leadership and less malice from broadcasters. 

"They are in a position of influence. Rather than bagging Goodes, they should be bagging the supporters who want to continually bully him," said Ella. "We need leadership at all levels. Eddie and Alan have to support sport at the highest level and not encourage the continual booing of Adam Goodes."

Unlike the fans and shock jocks, Goodes has maintained a dignified silence, indeed excelling among the taunts kicking three goals to lift the Swans to a sixth straight victory ahead of their mid-season break.