Kriol Kitchen Season 2 makes the connection between cuisine and Australian history, showing just how fragrant Australia is with diversity and culture.
24 Jun 2015 - 3:24 PM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2015 - 3:29 PM

In this series Ali and Mitch share a few more of their family recipes but are excited that in this series a few more younger people have stepped up to share their own cooking styles which has been influenced by the generation that came before. 

Series 2 of Kriol Kitchen will showcase four of the Torres family recipes and six other talented individuals who will serve up their own versions of family recipes. Recipes range from Spicy Malay chicken, Goanna Caesar Salad, Black Bean Fish with Cabbage, Chilli Crayfish, Chilli Fish, to deserts that borrow from the bush like Boab Custard and Mango Cheesecake dribbled with bush passionfruit…and those are just some of the family recipes that the local family cooks will share in this series of a blending of Asian influences with the local indigenous produce and seafood.

Ali and Mitch travel to nearby locations to get seasonal food Kriol Kitchen to catch their fresh ingredients, others go to their local supermarkets that provide the ingredients that will give their dishes the zing that set them apart from other families. It is no secret that many families are proud of their ‘secret’ recipes but some of our families feel it is time to celebrate and share their wonderful gastronomic dishes with the world.

Ali and Mitch share two recipes they grew up with that their father used to make – a condiment made from the intestines of the pearl shell and also a dish made from the muscle of the shell. Drawing on their Djugan and Asian influence we see ginger, garlic, chillies, vinegar given a spin in these tasty and spicy dishes.

Episode Two: Tempura Fish & Blachung with Asian Style Salad (Clifton Mamid)

Clifton a trained chef draws on his grandfather’s Malaysian influence and whips up three separate dishes that make for a scrumptious meal. Using locally caught skippy (fish) for his tempura, he adds an Asian inspired salad and spicy blachung to be served together for a summer time meal.

Episode Three: Spicy Chicken, Fried Chilli Eggs & Spicy Malay Noodles (Hasimah Haji Noor)

All of the dishes like Malaysian Spicy Chicken, Fried Chilli Eggs and Spicy Malay Noodles come across the ocean from Malaysia and Singapore to Broome from Hasimah’s father: he joins her on the show to make sure she has the dishes correct. Sadly Uncle passed away soon after we filmed this episode however his dishes will be remembered and shared with great fondness and appreciation.

Episode Four: Birriga Birriga (Pippies) Soup & Goolil (Turtle) Chilli Tamarind Sambal (Ali & Mitch Torres)

Drawing on the local seafood from Roebuck Bay, Ali and Mitch takes us to a childhood location that has on many occasions fed their family well with seashells, fish and turtle aplenty. In this episode they cook up soul food to suit to location: a soup made from the local pippies and a spicy turtle stir fry.

Episode Five: Chilli Fish & Mango Cheesecake with Bush Passionfruit Topping (Dwes Wiggin)

Dwes cooks a favourite dish shared with him by one of his Aunties. The influences drawn on in this chilli fish dish is Malaysian with a local twist.

Adding a bit of sweetness Dwes a lover of cake baking shows us how to make a delicious cheesecake and uses a local bush passionfruit to give it a twist.

Episode Six: Pork Adobo & Boab Custard with Bush Passionfruit Topping (Lloyd Pigram)

Lloyd draws on his Philipino heritage and his Aunty’s recipe for this locally loved dish.

Ali and Mitch draw on their own bush knowledge to give this episode a local flare by using the humble bush fruit Boab to make a custard with a bush passionfruit topping. 

Episode Seven: Chilli Tamarind Jinnup (Stingray) & Cockle Salad (Ali & Mitch Torres)

Inspired by their mother’s cooking which they have not had for a long time – Ali and Mitch prepare two seafood dishes: a crispy fried stingray dish which is given a tangy flavour by adding tamarind, and a serving of a vinaigrette type salad made with local pippies/cockles.

Episode Eight: Asian Style Crayfish with Green Pawpaw Salad (Elijah Prewitt)

Elijah’s cooking influence comes from living in Broome and growing up with many of his mates and eating whatever was caught from the ocean and the inlands. He likes to infuse Asian style cooking with influences from all over the world.

This dish he shares has a decidedly Asian influence and draws strongly on Thai type of cooking.

Episode Nine: Black Bean Fish with Cabbage & Sasami (Cauline & Bubba Masuda)

Drawing on their father’s Japanese and mother’s Bard heritage, and Bubba prepare two dishes that have us going back down memory lane of our childhoods (Ali and Mitch). The Black Bean fish is very Japanese inspired and the Sasami (raw fish) is a blend of many Asian cultures. 

Episode Ten: Barni (Goanna) Caesar Salad & Pan Fried Damper (Ali & Mitch Torres)

Ali and Mitch take the bush goanna and give it a dressing up in this recipe of the traditional Caesar Salad – replacing the chicken and eggs with chunky pieces of Barni (much like chicken) and served with a pan cooked damper. This makes for a fantastic summer meal.