• Mula Murdi — Ngurra. (NITV)Source: NITV
Our Stories is a landmark television initiative of mini documentaries - a rich series of digital songlines about culture, history, elders and youth.

The series is produced by Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and media organisations from emerging, remote and regional sectors of Australia - each year producing over 120 documentaries to NITV daily.

  • Mondays: Surviving – Stories of Belonging 
  • Tuesdays: Desperate Measures – Stories of Our History and Political Movements 
  • Wednesdays: Our Footprint – Stories of Our Country by Our Elders
  • Thursdays: Around the Campfire – Stories from Our Communities 
  • Saturdays: Unearthed – Inspirations from Our Youth 

The stories, produced as part of Our Stories, are digital songlines to share knowledge about our life, our history, our elders, our communities, our events, our youth and our cultures.

The daily themes:

Stories about belonging, Profiles of members of your community. Slices of life of a person, a day in a life of. This show is about profiling and doing biographies of our stories. Whether young or old, everyone has a story to tell.

Historical Stories from our people of the political movements of our time and interviews about people who have made an impact on our policies and voice in this nation. Could be interviews of people talking about people from the past, people who are being a part of today’s political change, or historical points of view on strikes, missions, period when communities have had to change tack.

Stories of our country by our Elders. Elders to be interviewed on country and reminisce, whether about a dreamtime story or a birthing place area, or a memory of the old homestead and/or mission, this is about our elders sharing their memories and country. If elders are too old to go out on country the style of showing country intercut with their interview.

Postcards from our communities, what is special about or towns and people from our many nations. This show you can have a presenter who shows us around your town and introduces us to you mob and your favourite fishing spot, or the best spot for swimming for kids, or any other story that you think is special about your town.

Stories of our youth, whether them rapping, or playing sport or showing us them dreams of whether they imagine themselves being. This is a show that can be a fly on a wall with our young people to have a platform to create their own voice on our screens.

SUNDAY: NGURRA (Every second Sunday)
Stories in Language. On the journey of collecting bush medicine, or cooking or teaching our young what to do in the bush, this is a day when we can show the many diversities of our culture and languages. Show has to have at least some component of language in it. It is important that we create the opportunity for our youth to hear our languages on the screen.