Darumbal youth in Rockhampton city in northeast Queensland recently took part in a cultural performance to foster the spirit of NAIDOC Week.

9 Jul 2015 - 12:13 PM  UPDATED 10 Jul 2015 - 1:28 PM

The young Gurridalla Dancers performed a corroboree during the local NAIDOC parade at East Street Mall in Rockhampton, on Darumbal country in northeast Queensland in July.

NAIDOC Week is dedicated to celebrating the culture and strength of First Nations peoples around Australia.  

Eleven-year-old Michael "Booranggai" Young who danced in the corroboree told local newspaper The Morning Bulletin  that it was meaningful that his culture could be shared with wider Australia.

"NAIDOC Week is about getting out and doing things we don't always have the opportunity to do," he said. "Today we did the welcome dance, the goanna dance and the kangaroo dance. 

Darumbal country encompasses modern-day coastal Central Queensland and its people speak Darumbal language, although much of the language has faded completely out of use. 

Australia's Indigenous youth are considered particularly important in NAIDOC celebrations as their understanding of first cultures will secure the knowledge in the future.

NAIDOC Week is being celebrated between 5 and 12 July, culminating in the NAIDOC Awards that fosters excellence in Indigenous communities around the country.