Kriol Kitchen Season 3 makes the connection between cuisine and Australian history, showing just how fragrant Australia is with diversity and culture.
6 Aug 2015 - 3:49 PM  UPDATED 11 Sep 2015 - 12:03 AM

Join us for the season premiere of Kriol Kitchen Series 3 starting this Wednesday, 9 September 7:30PM on NITV. 

The food journey literally continues with Kriol Kitchen 3. Join us as we take the show on the road from Broome to Darwin where we meet 10 fantastic people along the highway who share their recipes with us.

The series begins in Broome and we pull off the highway to do two Kimberley stories at Udialla an old station location with Neville Poelina and then at a camping spot at Biridu with Denise McCale before we head off to taste the cooking of Alex Rogers in Kununurra and Maria Morgan in Wyndham before we set off to finish the journey in Darwin where we meet 4 Larrakia cooks and a young TSI lady.  


Sisters Ali & mitch torres self-confessed lovers of food, bring their acting experience to Kriol Kitchen and love of local food, family and history to delve into the spicy world of local kriol cuisine from the top end of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  Kriol Kitchen is a celebration of the Asian influences on the local people and the development of their own twists and blending of many cultures to serve up mouth-watering dishes that will delight the senses.


Episode One 

Patty Mamid - Creamy Chilli Squid & Soybean Seafood Soup

Drawing on her multicultural heritage Patty cooks up two exotic dishes of her own making using ingredients from her local Chinese general store in Broome and local shellfish picked off the low lying reefs around the coastline.

Patty is all about experimenting and utelising family knowledge passed onto her from her step mum and other family members. Her one main ingredient that she uses in almost all of her cooking is chilli.

In this episode Patty shows us how to prepare Creamy Chilli Squid and Soybean Seafood Soup. 


Episode Two 

Neville Poelina - Orange Duck & Curry Bush Turkey

Neville Poelina will show us how to make two delicious dishes with duck and bush turkey – making the most out of his outdoor forty four gallon homemade bush oven.

In this episode Neville shares his oven version of Orange Duck and Bush Turkey Curry.

Both recipes are his own approach to baking these birds with his own take on the Asian influence he brings to both.

Nestled on the side of the Fitzroy River Neville’s community of Oongalkada is a peaceful hideaway which supplies him with an abundance of native food with which to experiment in his cooking.


Episode Three

Denise McCale - Bush Turkey Stew & Chilli Fresh Water Mussels in White Wine

In this episode Denise McCale with the help of mitch and Ali turn the humble bush turkey into a delicious  stew using basic vegetables and Asian sauces to compliment the gamey taste of this native bird.

Taking the fresh water mussels Denise gives it a bit of a flip by adding chilli and white wine to what can sometimes be a bland shellfish – what she makes is a delicious meal that will give the viewer the idea to try and experiment with locally collected mussels from their own waterways.


Episode Four

Alex Rogers - Crumbed Barra Fillets with Salad, Steamed Barra with Ginger and Soy, Curry Barra Soup

This episode is a salute to the fighting freshwater and saltwater barramundi.  Alex Rogers in this episode whips up a simple dish with one of his favourite fish. Crumbing the fillets of barra and slow frying them in butter gives a golden result.  Topping it off with a summer salad this is a simple but delicious recipe for those who do not want to slave over a hot oven for too long and feed the hungry family.

Ali shares with us her version of a Curry Barra Soup and mitch tries her hand at Steamed Barra with Ginger and Soy.


Episode Five 

Marie Morgan -  Ox Tail Stew & Vegie Bake

In this episode Marie draws on the Kimberley history of station and mission days.  Marie shares with us a family recipe that takes us back to a simpler time, when families pulled together what they had in their pantries to make a feed go a long way.

Her Ox Tail Stew is a favourite of many, black and white and we see how she serves it up with a vegie bake with little or no sauces, salt or pepper.


Episode Six

Bo Carne - Nana’s Half Caste Stew & Magpie Goose Giblet & Heart Blachan

Everyone has a stew they can brag about.  In this episode Bo Carne shares his Nana’s version of the good old billabong stew – in this case his family calls it ‘Nana’s Half Caste Stew’. Using basic ingredients like: gravy beef, onions, carrots, celery and potatoes with a little seasoning and soy this stew is sure to delight everyone and take you back to your childhood.

Accompanying the stew is Bo’s version of a very hot and spicy blachan- which he draws  on from his Darwin family and friends and coming to his own version.  Using the giblets and hearts of the Magpie Goose to give nice texture he cooks up a condiment that will delight the diehards who like a bit of bite in their meals.


Episode Seven 

Helani Doolah - Sop Sop, Sabee Domboi, Marinated Fried Fish with battered banana

 In this episode Helani Doolah gives us an insight into the delicious cooking from the Torres Strait.

Drawing back to her grandmother and other family members Helani will show and teach us how to make some staple dishes that are made everyday in the TSI community.  Helani tells us she does not cook much but she could have fooled us: her version of Sop Sop a mixture of root vegetables, banana, and coconut milk is to die for as well as her marinated fried fish with fried battered banana and her Sabee Domboi ( rolled flour cooked in coconut milk)…..yum!


Episode Eight

Eric Fejo - Goose Heart & Giblet Chilli, Marinated Buffalo Satays, Prawn Fritters

Eric Fejo tells us he is an average cook, we think he is more than that.  In this episode Eric shows us his family recipes for three amazing dishes:  Goose Heart and Giblet Chilli a side dish, Buffalo Satays which have been marinated with green paw paw slices and other spices and his own father’s special  prawn fritters.


Episode Nine

Robbie Mills - Baked Marinated Magpie Goose, Blachan, Braised Kangaroo steaks with Asparagus Mushroom Stir

Robbie Mills shares two of his sovereign foods with us: Magpie Goose and Kangaroo in this episode.

Taking the Magpie Goose which is in season in the later part of the year he shows us how to dress it up with garlic, ginger, and sauces which is then baked.  His braised kangaroo steaks are accompanied with tomatoes.

His version of a quick stir fry using asparagus and mushrooms gives the final touch to these two amazing dishes.


Episode Ten 

Ali Mills -  Magpie Goose Curry & Pan Fried Damper

Performer Ali Mills cooks up a yummy Goose Curry for us and shares some songs to while away the time as her dish cooks.  To compliment the dish Ali Torres our host shows Ali the singer how to make a quick pan fried damper as we take a look back over the whole series from Broome to Darwin.