Recent online attacks against former AFL legend Adam Goodes in his new job as brand ambassador for David Jones makes it clear that the taunts are more about racism than they are about footy, says a social media commentator.

21 Oct 2015 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 21 Oct 2015 - 11:34 AM

Natalie Ahmat: What are we to make of the online racist attacks against Adam Goodes after he was announced as a Brand Ambassador for up-market retailer, David Jones?

Our WA Correspondent Craig Quartermaine thinks the tide of hate, levelled against this recently retired AFL legend, has turned.

Craig Quartermaine: He was booed into retirement and I for one wasn't surprised when he was slammed online for becoming one of the faces of massive retail store, David Jones. 

But that is exactly what happended: the racist taunting of former AFL hero Adam Goodes.

Luke Pearson, social media commentator: The level of overt particularly online racism that's come out towards Adam in everything that he's doesn't is sort of natural to follow him for a little while. Yet, even on such a really positive announcement, it certainly can't be pinned back to his football playing abilities. But I think it just highlights what most of us knew to begin with.

Craig Quartermaine: Indigenous X's Luke Pearson believes the racism followed the pattern outspoken Indigenous people have had to endure when they step out of line on the public arena.

"I think it's becoming more and more clear at the online feedback that was there - it was overtly racist. But I think they are running out of rocks to hide under."

Luke Pearson: This is what happens we saw it recently with Miranda Tapsell when she went up on Karl Stefenovic's show and made some comments, and the blow back was similar there. And we're still at where it's very hard for people to just to put their had up and face out there and get something back no matter what they're saying.

Craig Quartermaine: Without the anonimity and safety of the grandstands or computer screens, the ability to justify racist action against Goodes is disappearing.

Johnathan Thurston and Adam Goodes: Does the public treat them differently?
Johnathan Thurston. Four Dally Medals, 268 games and two premiership wins. Adam Goodes. Two Brownlow medals, 372 games and two premiership wins. But only one is relishing in the glory.

Luke Pearson: Well there isn't many good excuses for racism in the first place so with the booing on the field they were all hiding behind flimsy excuses that were common things across all football. Now that it's extended out to the next phase of his career, I think it's becoming more and more clear at the online feedback that was there - it was overtly racist. But I think they are running out of rocks to hide under.

Craig Quartermaine: With Goodesy also helping David Jones mould its future reconciliation action plan, the mostly positive feedback has not been overshadowed by hate. This time around the trolls' days might be numbered.

Craig Quartermaine, NITV News