The Public Transport Authority is currently investigating a recent incident involving an apparent forceful arrest of a teenager by transit officers in late October.
NITV Staff Writer

9 Nov 2015 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2015 - 11:05 AM

As the Public Transport Authority investigate transit officers' apparent forceful arrest of a Indigenous teenager at Perth train station at 11pm late October, the teenager is asking that CCTV footage be released and an apology.

Mobile phone footage taken by a bystander reveals the teen saying "I'm not resisting anything" then "I can't breathe mate, I can't ******* breathe," after transit guards push the teenager into a wall at Cannington Train Station in Perth, Western Australia.

"I can't breathe mate"

The man was arrested and charged with resisting arrest when he and his cousin arrived at Cannington Station to swap trains to Armadale.  

He told Channel 9 that the incident began unprovoked and trouble started when transit guards began asking for their details: "Our names, age, where we come from, where was we going, are youse intoxicated," he said.

He said he was "a bit intoxicated" which was why he and his cousin chose to take a train home opposed to driving.

A Public Transport Authority spokesperson told The West Australian on 4 November that the authority was currently investigating the incident. "As such we are unable to provide any further comment."