• Danny Teece-Johnson at work. (Benjamin Ellis Bayliss)Source: Benjamin Ellis Bayliss
An NITV News journalist who was stopped by police at the train station as he made his way to work says that the huge social media response reinforces the need for change around racial profiling.
NITV Staff Writers

19 Nov 2015 - 3:23 PM  UPDATED 19 Nov 2015 - 4:01 PM

Danny Teece-Johnson, a seasoned journalist and Gomeroi man who regularly reports on issues of social justice including policing and the use of police discretionary powers, was drug-searched at Sydney's Redfern Station while on his way to work on Thursday morning.

He wrote about the incident on Facebook, saying "Just got searched for drugs by police at Redfern Train station, no sniffer dog, it’s just that I apparently fit the description of someone they are looking for ‘bout my height, brown eyes, shaved head, a beard and brown skin of Aboriginal appearance." 

'I apparently fit the description of someone they are looking for'

The reaction to the post on Danny's personal Facebook page has been "huge – bigger than pretty much anything else I've posted," Danny, 40, says.

"It shows how much racial profiling affects people."

Several commenters have complained about similar episodes.

Josh Nicholas wrote: "They stopped me at Ashfield station last week and they were extremely rude and confronting accusing me of being high [when] I was on my way home from work. [Stripped] searched me and kept me for a half an hour. Of course they found nothing but didn't even apologise to me."

'When will this sort of thing stop happening to us.'

Donna Munn commented: "My son and his and one of his workmates (both young Koori men)went to get lunch the other day. They got on the property where they were working , police followed them and did a breath test. Couldn't get them for alcohol but got the young fellow for no p plates. Lost 2 points and 300 dollar fine. My son was so upset for the other young guy a comment he made was they only followed us cause we were black. I totally agree. When will this sort of thing stop happening to us."

Lynn Boyd said it had been "happening all too often and needs to stop. Write it! It's not just Redfern eh!"

New Matilda reported on the incident and obtained comment from Redfern Local Area Command member Inspector Crisafulli, who said "We do not racially profile in this command." 

"If he was searched for his race and no other reason he does have a legitimate complaint. Certainly that is not a practice that is encouraged here in this command."