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I am just coming to the end of year ten myself and I feel like there are a few kids who like me struggle with school. So I have compiled a list of a few tips to surviving year ten.
Wyanita Tranter

24 Nov 2015 - 4:26 PM  UPDATED 24 Nov 2015 - 4:33 PM

High school is hard but being a teenager in school is even harder! We have to deal with pressures from home to do and be better, stress from school and homework and if you have a job, stress from jobs too.

I am just coming to the end of year ten myself and I feel like there are a few kids who like me struggle with school so I have compiled a list of a few tips to surviving year ten.



My 10 Top Tips For Surviving Year 10


Tip Number 10:

Be yourself. Don’t change to fit into some status quo because in reality none of that stuff matters outside of school. You might be the most popular kids in your grade but come university or tafe, no one cares.

Tip Number 9:

Join clubs or groups in school. Not only will it look good on your resume when applying for jobs but it will help with important life skills such as communication and making new friends. You will also meet new people with similar interests to you.

Tip Number 8:

Make sure your time management skills are good. Time management is a big part of life, these skills should be picked up during the first few years of high school but if you’re like me and didn’t really pick it up don’t worry. It’s really simple things such as; making to-do lists and following them, getting a calendar to visually plan out your week/month/year, and setting reminders on your phone.

Tip Number 7:

STUDY! I can’t stress this enough. I hate studying but who actually likes it? Studying will help cement the information you learnt in class. Studying helps you to be prepared. Start getting into good study habits early and you will fly through classes. It doesn’t have to be for long, just half an hour after school will be enough. When you get to year eleven and twelve you will have to put in a bit more time and effort.

Tip Number 6:

When writing stuff down in class, bring an extra book so you can write messily, keep up and add your own additional notes. When you get home you can transfer all the scribble into another book except neater. This strategy is really helpful because I get to focus more on what’s being taught rather than focusing on how neat my book is.

Tip Number 5:

Stand up for yourself and others. Bullying isn’t cool and just shouldn’t be tolerated. If you don’t like something someone is saying, tell them. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Also when making jokes be mindful of what you say because some people may not be okay with what you say. Don’t be disrespectful because that’s rude.

Tip Number 4:

Hand in everything in on time. Whether it is a simple task to homework to a major assignment every mark counts, right? You lose marks for every day an assignment is late and after a few days you get zero but the thing is you still have to do the task. At the end of year ten you get a certificate called a ROSA (Record of School Achievement), if you don’t do an assignment, you get a few warnings and then if you still haven’t done it by the end of the year you don’t receive the ROSA. You basically need one to move on to year eleven or you have to repeat.

Tip Number 3:

Stay organised. Organization will help you keep up to date with your work and staying focused. Being organized means you won’t lose things often and you will be able to better manage your life. Know where you’re at and know how to move forward.

Tip Number 2:

Have some form of daily or weekly exercise. Join a sport on weekends or take your dog for walk or go running (School sport does not count). Exercise is a good way to release pent up stresses and also keep fit during school. It is important to also eat healthily every day. This helps you stay focused with nutrients that actually help you grow. Eating healthy foods and keeping fit will boost your immune system and benefit you in the long run. Plus eating healthy reduces risk of pimples and acne.

Tip Number 1:

Cliché and cheesy but, have fun. Enjoy the year, have fun and just be yourself. Appreciate the small things like laughing with your friends and joking around with classmates because before you know it you will all be parting ways and going off to universities and tafe. So live every moment you have in high school because you are going to miss the relationships and friendships you’ve formed throughout the year. Everything is going to seem to be moving too fast, so enjoy it while it’s here.

So there you have it! These are my top ten tips on surviving year ten or high school in general. I hope this helps you greatly and you have fun next year in whatever year you are in.