• Redfern All Blacks celebrated winning the Men's tournament at the 2015 Koori Knockout. (Luke Briscoe)Source: Luke Briscoe
A star was named after Eddie Mabo and a federal minister declared that Vegemite was being used for nefarious means. These are just two of NITV's most deadly and biggest trending stories from 2015.
Luke Briscoe

16 Dec 2015 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 17 Dec 2015 - 6:33 PM

1. #MaboDay

Every year on June 3, the nation stops to celebrate the life and legacy of Eddie (Koiki) Mabo. This year however was a very special year, as the Museum of Arts and Applied Science named and dedicated a star in the night sky to mark this occasion.

The Mabo star, situated in the Crux Constellation (Southern Cross) - a very important constellation to the people of Murri Island and the people of Eddie Mabo, as stars signal changes in environment and weather patterns for the community.

Eddie Mabo‘s story must have resonated with all lot of people because the #MaboDay was trending on this day.

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2. #Vegemitegate

When the mainstream media gets it wrong, the news becomes the news and that was certainly the case with the 'Vegemite' story.

In August Minister for Indigenous affairs Nigel Scullion stated to media that remote Indigenous communities are brewing Vegemite to make alcohol. Yet the media failed to confirm this claim with a scientist to see if this was even possible. With so much discussion and debate to weather of not vegemite could produce alcohol, this story was finally put to bed by a chemical specialist who proved that this is totally impossible.

The story was such as offensive piece. It was unbelievable from the start and in fact some people thought that this was in fact a hoax but the only problem being April Fool’s Day had already passed. It just goes to show that the only fools were the media outlets who participated.

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Each year, we Australians get together to take part in events for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Day Of Celebration (NAIDOC) and it’s during this time that the nation gets a chance to learn more about the lives and culture of Australia’s First peoples.

NITV is the national broadcaster for the event and 2015 was a proud moment for the channel when the #NAIDOC started trending, because this event is a positive step to changing the stereotypes of Indigenous Australia’s. The fact that positive hash tags are trending means that Australia’s are starting to value Indigenous Australians.

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4. #TeamQuaden

Who could forget the emotional journey we shared with a young brave Murri boy Quaden Bayles? This young warrior stands just 65 cm tall but has the heart of a lion. The soical tam #TeamQuaden encourages members of the community to get behind four-year-old Murri boy Queaden Bayled living with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, who was recently targeted and attacked by online trolls.

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5. #AdamGoodes

Historically, racism in sports has always held back black sports men and women in achieving their dreams. At local stadiums in Australia, our own Indigenous sporting stars have endured racism and exclusion in sport. AFL star Adam Goodes knows too well the types of racial hatred that Aboriginal people face on and off the field.

After a long battle with racism, Adam Goodes announced his retirement from AFL and took up an offer to be the face of David Jones. Throughout the launch of the David Jones #ItsInyou campaign Adam received the most hatred racial abuse online.

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6. #Uluru

As the thermometer inched towards 40C and the sun beat down on Uluru in October, the traditional Anangu people of the region celebrated their triumphant win over the Australian government in reclaiming their land.

Thirty years ago, on October 26, 1985, the federal government returned the lands of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to their rightful owners.

NITV’s coverage and use of the #Uluru and #UluruHandBack was vital is shaping the online celebrations of the milestone.

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7. #SOSBlakAustralia

Early in the year, the Australia government announced the closures of over 150 communities across Western Australia. The previous Prime Minister Tony Abbott coined the term "Life style choices" when referring to Indigenous Australian’s living in communities and practicing their culture.

The decision was met with much resistance from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia’s who united against the government in protest in a global scale.

We saw celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Jessica Mauboy take part and show support their support and with a solid campaign the #SOSBlakAustralia was trending.

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8. #Koori Knockout


This year marked the 45th Koori Knockout which seen over 5,000 Indigenous players going head-to-head to battle it out for the title of Koori Knockout ’champion of the year’.

NITV was the national broadcaster of the October event and focused a lot on the personal and cultural stories on the Knockouts. It was these positive stories and the pure passion for the Knockout’s that people took to social media and the #KooriKnockouts reached top #1 spot for trending hash tags.

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