• Protesters on the streets in Brisbane for Survival Day 2016 (Nathan Appo)Source: Nathan Appo
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around the country shared their #StoriesOfSurvival for Survival Day 2016 – here’s a selection of Facebook comments that complemented the homepage feed.
Jerico Mandybur

27 Jan 2016 - 11:14 AM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2016 - 2:03 PM

NITV’s #StoriesOfSurvival hashtag invited readers to share their comments, yarns, photos and feelings on Survival Day 2016. Hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country joined the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We’d like to thank everyone for being a part of it and sharing with us this historical day, as we brought you comprehensive and immediate coverage of events around the nation.

NITV’s Facebook status updates on #StoriesOfSurvival in particular received a range of diverse comments and we’ve selected just a segment to share with you here.

Here’s what YOU had to say on Survival Day 2016. Be sure to check out our Survival Day feed on the homepage to view the rest.