• Melbourne-based hip hip artist Lady Lash (Adelaide Spirit Festival)Source: Adelaide Spirit Festival
She started as a teenager performing with the legendary 'Coloured Stone', and is now embarking on a course in opera singing, NITV talks to South Australian MC Lady Lash.
Karina Marlow

3 Mar 2016 - 12:54 PM  UPDATED 3 Mar 2016 - 12:55 PM

Lady Lash is the hip-hop persona of singer/songwriter Crystal Clynne, a versatile artist who has explored rap, hip-hop, jazz and soul across her three albums before embarking on opera lessons with Deborah Cheetham.

Growing up in the seaside town of Ceduna, of Kokatha and Greek heritage, she studied at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) at the University of Adelaide before taking the stage at 'Blak Nite' showcases where she honed her performance skills.

You’ve described song writing as a form of therapy for you. What is it about that song writing and storytelling process that speaks to you?

It’s a healing energy that I experience, and overwhelming urge to feel deep, it’s almost orgasmic! Deep love for self and the surge of live energy I receive from completing a track is explosive ... [it's] such a satisfying feeling knowing you’ve made a melodic melody come to life, that might one day be exposed to the rest of the world.

In 2005 you moved from Ceduna, South Australia to Melbourne, what opportunities did it provide for you as an artist?

It opened a whole new world of music: networking, collaborating and free styling in a movement of, 'what can I do with my gift?' The hip-hop movement is huge in Melbourne, and there’s plenty of opportunities for a hungry MC who’s willing to put in the work to find some shine, although there’s loads of undiscovered talent who may never be given their full props.


You’ve also supported some talented big name artists as Jessica Mauboy and Archie Roach. If you could choose any artist to support who would it be and why?

Kendrick Lamar. His artistry is amazing. He speaks out of the box but in it. I understand his concept and message. I chose him, but really the sky is the limit. I feel connected to all my brothers, sisters and the elders through music, and would collaborate with anyone who’s putting their heart and soul into the music.

Over the years you’ve embraced many styles of music, how do these allow you to channel your creativity?

Being open to a different range of music is what my soul craves - no explanation… just do and feel. I’m in a Kurt Cobain feel at the moment, with heavy riffs and licks. I have an eclectic ear for all types on genres and enjoy a bit of everything.

Your new album, 'Milky Way', was released in October last year. What was the drive behind those songs?

The drive was to heal my emotional roller coaster that I was on for a few years. To prove and finally say to myself, yes you can rap and you are good at it. The concept was all captured late one night on holiday at the Ceduna shore side with a bottle of booze and an idea from the skies above.

Lady Lash's new album 'Milky Way' is available for free download through her website.