• Talented Darwin teen Tymunna Clements has been wowing the internet with his footy skills (Facebook)Source: Facebook
There's a certain kind of buzz that you only get when seeing an awesome trickshot. Getting one in yourself must be a little addictive!
Emily Nicol

20 Jun 2016 - 12:55 PM  UPDATED 20 Jun 2016 - 12:55 PM

Darwin teen, Tymunna Clements agrees and has joined the ranks of those talented few who have a seemingly impossible mastery over a ball, getting shots in the hoop off roofs, from yards away and with twists that get us shaking our head in disbelief.

No doubt he has spent hours on end practicing his skills and his online videos have been going viral for good reason. 

 Tymunna started practicing trickshots back in 2013 while he was kicking the footy around in his backyard, and has developed his own style.

"I don't really like copying other people's tricks, I try to make up my own." He says.

The 17-year-old has mastered the art so well that he makes it look effortless, giving a simple thumbs up when he gets it in. "I feel really good when I get it in, but I don't usually celebrate because I'm so used to doing it."

Tymunna admires the Dude Perfect crew from the US who are famous for their own style of extreme trick shots. 

While Tymunna has taken a break from playing AFL due to a left hip injury, he says that he's back in top form and for those living in Darwin, you may get to see his skills in real time on the field this season once he decides which team to play for.

For those wanting to give trick-shots a go, what would his advice be?

Just keep going, don't give up! And stay in school.

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