• Photographer: Iain Morton (AnanguKu Arts)Image: Lilly Ullah, Untitled 2014 (Detail) ((Facebook))Source: (Facebook)
The Seven Sisters, a cluster of bright stars within the Pleiades constellation, most visible during spring and autumn, has been an area of fascination and mythology within many cultures for thousands of years.
Emily Nicol

4 Jul 2016 - 2:31 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2016 - 2:31 PM

With references made in literature as far back as 2350BC, it's a story that has woven through many creation stories and holds a special place in our own country, connecting much of our country as a foundational storyline.

In keeping with the 2016 NAIDOC theme of 'Songlines - The living narrative of our nation' Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute in Adelaide, South Australia, will be honouring this story through a week long celebration, a multi-media exhibition which highlights the ongoing significance to Aboriginal culture.

Through cultural workshops, performances and a video dance performance screening of the dreaming  'Kungkarangkalpa' from the National Gallery, this important songline will be brought to life. Artworks from Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands, Ngaanyatjarra lands, and the Western Desert region will also be showcased.

Wesley Enoch who was the artistic director of a special filmed performance of the songline describes 'Kungkarangkalpa'. 

"The story of the 7 sisters is one of this country’s foundation stories. It connects so much of this landmass through the storylines that crisscross the country."

"It talks about relationships between men and women, masculine desire and feminine caring, family bonds, the unexpected powers of magic, and the extraordinary power of our landscape to be created through story, song, dance and painting. Where ever you go throughout the world there are similar stories of the Pleiades and the 7 sisters"

'Kungkarangkalpa- The Seven Sisters Songline' will be on between 27th June to 9th July at Tandanya. Visit their website for more details. www.tandanya.com.au