Kick off your weekend with some newly learned Murri words to add to your vocabulary.
Luke Briscoe

15 Jul 2016 - 4:25 PM  UPDATED 16 Jul 2016 - 1:57 AM

Murris love a good laugh! It's like it's part of our DNA.

Here's a few common Murri terms to throw into your banter or liven up your Scrabble game this winter.



If you really know a Murri then you'd know that we're fearful of two things; stories like the Poinciana Lady (Devil Lady) and frogs. Yes, actually, frogs.

We have a couple of words that describe this innate fear, but the word which expresses this the most is 'Din Squeeze'.

Din means "butt" and the word 'Din Squeeze' refers to your butt cheeks sticking together because the fear factor is so high.



The English equivalent for 'budji' is,"'to fart".

If you've heard this word before but never knew what the Murri mob were talking about, well, chances were they were probably talking about you. Whoever denied it supplied it.



If you know Murris, then you know that when something happens on one side of the state, it will travel to the other in minutes. It's only a matter of time before everyone find out "the truth". Murris like to gossip - especially about our own mob.

A typical talking point is when a woman is "Bunti Up" (pregnant).



This word will definitely make any Murri laugh - even the deadly flash ones. Why? Because 'Goona' means "poop" and saying "poop" in any language is hilarious.



'Itchy One': Someone who is always looking for a lover, even if they've got someone already. They're itching to find a bit of "budu".

So instead of calling them by their name, they're labelled 'Itchy One'.


6. T.G

T.G is an acronym for "True God".

We all have that one person in a group of friends or family that constantly stretches the story. So much so, they have to add "T.G" at the end of every sentence to clarify how "truthful" their obvious embellishment is.

Of course there are words like, 'which way?' meaning "what's up” and 'bungi' meaning "friend" that are probably more useful when visiting Queensland, but let’s face it, they aren’t nearly as funny.




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