• Indigenous rights activist has labeled Pauline Hanson as "disrespectful". (AAP)Source: AAP
Pauline Hanson 'showed disrespect to Traditional Owners' when she turned up with a 60 Minutes film crew at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, provoking Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner to yell at her: 'You are just a racist redneck with your red hair'.
Ryan Liddle

18 Jul 2016 - 11:05 AM  UPDATED 18 Jul 2016 - 5:44 PM

•Yanner dubs Hanson 'racist redneck'
•Let's work together, says new senator
•Activist calls for talks away from media

Indigenous campaigner Sam Watson told NITV that trying to turn a serious cultural show into a media stunt was insensitive and unfortunate.

"She should have a better understanding of the sensitivity of our artwork and the reason why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people put their stories out on canvas and installations…it's a sacred place and a holder of a sacred experience," he says.

Burney says she will not tolerate Pauline Hanson’s views
New Labor member says controversial One Nation leader’s views are “unacceptable” but her party must be pragmatic in negotiations.

After the incident on Saturday, a video was posted on Facebook showing Mr Yanner yelling at the new senator: "You picked on Aboriginal people, now you are kicking the Muslims around.

"You are just a racist redneck with your red hair. Go away, go back to Ipswich and your fish and chip shop.

"You're a disgrace, you are a woman lacking moral fibre, you are intellectually dishonest and you are not welcome here."

Ms Hanson initially offered no comment  on the incident but she has since posted a video on her Facebook page  in which she describes "his abuse" of her as "a shame".

"I think the perception about me was wrong and I'm here to support the Aboriginal community and Torres Strait Islanders. I'm your representative."

"This man stands for a lot of issues that I stand for as well. He doesn't like politicians; well, either [sic] do I because I don't trust them and we need to work together on that," she says.

"Let's bring accountability. He doesn't like the violence and alcoholism in Aboriginal communities – another one of my issues that I spoke out against and I got called racist. The fact is we have to work together.

"Murrandoo, please, let's work together on these issues that are important to me; important to the Aboriginal people. I think the perception about me was wrong and I'm here to support the Aboriginal community and Torres Strait Islanders. I'm your representative."

She ends by urging him to call her. "Let’s work together. I think we can make a big difference."

"The big problem is Pauline Hanson has a track record."

But Mr Watson told NITV: "The big problem is Pauline Hanson has a track record. When she was first elected back in ‘96 her maiden speech was quiet inflammatory. She certainly singled out Aboriginal people.

"Twenty years down the track she certainly needs to put some ideas, concepts and some policies forward because she’s going to be an important player in the new Parliament."

He said she should sit down with people like Murrandoo Yanner, new NT senator Malarndirri McCarthy, Labor MP Linda Burney and "serious people", and talk away from the media.

Pauline Hanson’s ‘unease’ with Aboriginal flag a sovereignty issue: Euahlayi leader
Prominent rights activist and Euahlayi leader, Ghillar Michael Anderson, has responded to Pauline Hanson’s comments about the Aboriginal flag being ‘divisive’, saying that her ‘unease’ stems from the flag’s connection to sovereignty.

"She laps up the media attention but the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people don’t grow up or live in that rarefied environment that’s characterised by television and print media and the radio mob.

"So she wants to get down to the real places where we live, the real places where we work and she wants to be able to confront and see just how our people live and how we try and survive on a day to day basis:"

"Wherever she goes she’s accompanied by TV cameras, but our mob don’t live in front of TV cameras our mob live in the real world."

Under the video on her Facebook page, a post from Karla Andrews reads: "Pauline you make my skin crawl. Any idiot that would vote for this right wing lying racist ignorant disgrace should leave Australia. There is nothing Australian about Pauline. I feel ashamed to come from the same country as this woman. Horrendous backward redneck. Go Murrandoo!!!"

Ms Hanson responds to the post with: "I'm pleased you recognise the need for free speech Karla Andrews. That's one thing I've been wanting this country to preserve/reinstate. I welcome you to look at the rest of my policies online. You might find we have a bit more in common than you think."