• The poster art for the 50th Anniversary of the Wave Hill walk-off Freedom Day Festival. (Freedom Day Festival)Source: Freedom Day Festival
As we commemorate 50 years since the historic Wave Hill walk-off and celebrate Freedom Day, here are a list of songs that were inspired by the actions that sparked the land rights movement and talk about connection and loss of country.
Emily Nicol

20 Aug 2016 - 6:36 PM  UPDATED 21 Aug 2016 - 2:44 PM

 Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody - From Little Things Big Things Grow

Arguably the most well known song about land rights. 'From Little Things Big Things Grow' written by Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody was inspired by Vincent Lingiari and the story of the Wave Hill walk-off that culminated in the returning of land to the Gurindji peoples. Here the duo team up for a performance of the classic at the memorial service for Gough Whitlam.

Archie Roach - Keep Your Handouts Give Us Back Our Land

From his 1993 album Jamu Dreaming Archie Roach opens up this live version stating "I believe Aboriginal people are getting pretty sick and tired of handouts and the welfare system." On this track Roach asserts that our true wealth and wellbeing comes from return of land and independence.


Troy Cassar-Daley - Take A Walk In My Country

If you want to feel wild and free/take a walk in my country  sings Cassar-Daley on this country track which celebrates the power of nature in our country and invites us to feel the connection that is possible when we seek it.


Mau Power - Freedom Feat. Archie Roach

Archie Roach features on this track from Torres Strait artist Mau Power singing 'We Have Survived' . The song which is taken from his latest album is an inspirational anthem and homage to the strength that has carried us through generations of dispossession and calls for unity.


Dan Sultan - Kimberley Calling

One of the performers at this weeks Freedom Day celebrations, Dan Sultan delivers a catchy rock ballad with 'Kimberly Calling'. We experience Sultan's longing and familiar feeling that you get when you know it's time to 'get back on country' and rouse on how powerful the experience of being 'home' really is.


John Butler, Dan Sultan & Missy Higgins - From Little Things Big Things Grow

This is a great live version of the classic song performed by some of the country's best musicians. Teaming up on stage to deliver clearly passionate and powerful verses in turn, this performance pays tribute to the songwriters and the struggle and strength of those who have fought for land rights.