• Watch 'Lionel', a documentary about boxer Lionel Rose, on NITV Sunday 11 September 9.30pm (SBS)Source: SBS
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11 Sep 2016 - 9:00 AM  UPDATED 11 Sep 2016 - 9:07 AM

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Dene A Journey (Episode 2) 

Sunday, 11 September 7pm

A journey of discovery as a different people undertake the task of discovering their traditional Dene language and culture by going out and experiencing time-honoured activities.

First Australians (Episode 4)

Sunday, 11 September 8.30pm 

A documentary series tells the story of white settlement, individual white men, good and bad who have significantly affected the first Australians. 

Supported by pastoralists keen to make their fortune, the homicidal police officer Constable Willshire, brings mayhem to the Arrernte nation in Central Australia. With the authorities turning a blind eye, the telegraph operator Frank Gillen stops him. 


Sunday, 11 September 9.30pm 

This documentary tells undisputed world banatam weight champion Lionel Rose's story, warts and all, from his childhood in to the present day. 

A story that is both triumphant and bitter-sweet.


League Nation Live

Tuesday, 13 September 7.30pm

Retired Broncos captain Justin Hodges and Logie nominee actor Aaron Fa'Aoso will lead a cast of league fanatics as NITV scores the newest and hottest NRL entertainment footy show, League Nation Live.


Tuesday, 13 September 9.30pm

Watch Sydney Swans Reserves vs. GWS Giants Reserves in the Grand Final.


Boxing for Palm Island

Wednesday, 14 September 7.30pm

Palm Island is a tiny slice Queensland that sums up the contradictions of the state - great physical beauty sullied by great prejudice. 

A place with a dark history and a less than stellar reputation.

Heart of the Fight

Wednesday, 14 September 8.00pm

Dick Blair: Getting to the heart of the man
It was a personal journey for Mark Taylor, the director of the documentary 'The Heart of the Fight' to capture a portrait of a man beloved by so many, Dick Blair. The Aboriginal pastor is a former Australian middleweight champion and one of the inspirations behind The Block in Redfern.

Heart of the Fight is a film portrait of Aboriginal pastor Richard Phillips, aka Dick Blair, Australian middleweight champion and the inspiration behind The Block in Redfern.


The Marngrook Footy Show

Thursday, 15 September 7.30pm


Thursday, 15 September 9.30pm

Despite the scepticism of her abusive father and the cast of chauvinist trainers who dominate the sport, troubled teen Diana (Michelle Rodriguez) finds solace in the boxing ring.


On the Edge

Friday, 16 September 7.30pm

Final rehearsals are underway. 

When Fran books a didgeridoo player who bashed Courtneys father, all hell breaks loose. 

The episode climaxes with a performance that woos the audience.


Black Music: An American (R)evolution

Saturday, 17 September 7.30pm

The story of African American music and the civil rights movement from slavery to Barack Obama's nomination as presidential candidate. 

The first part looks at black music from the early Negro spirituals sung by slaves in the South, to blues, jazz, bee-bop, soul, rhythm & blues and the freedom songs of the civil rights movement up to the historic march on Washington in the summer of 1963. 

Born To Run

Saturday, 17 September 8.30pm

Jamaica has a love affair with sprinting. 

Born To Run assembles a host of world class track and field experts, athletes and coaches to showcase several Jamaican sprinters including Usain Bolt.


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