• Eddie Betts appleads Ebony Marinoff as she scores a tricky goal from the pocket in the Women's Exhibition match. (AFL)Source: AFL
2016 AFL Goal of the Year winner Eddie Betts was giving out some goal kicking tips from the sidelines in South Australia’s women’s exhibition match against a combined NSW and ACT side, but fellow Crows player Ebony Marinoff didn’t need them as she kicked the winning goal.
Karina Marlow

4 Oct 2016 - 5:11 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2016 - 5:11 PM

It’s the fourth quarter and South Australia is just nine points down in the last women’s exhibition match of the round. Midfielder Ebony Marinoff is mid-interview when the coach calls her back on the field.

With just seven minutes to go there is just one goal in it. She is awarded a free kick from the left pocket.

No stranger to scoring a goal from an awkward angle, Eddie Betts watches on from the sidelines with fellow Adelaide Crows players.

With a ball in his hands he taps the side panels of the Sherrin, signaling for a banana kick to bend the ball back towards the goal in a tight curve.

But Marinoff didn’t see any of it.

In the moment she kicks a drop punt and the ball goes sailing between the posts for what will be the match-winning goal!

“I had no idea of Eddie showing me how to kick the ball,” Marinoff told Fox Footy after the match.

“Lucky for me it was a left pocket so just kicked a drop punt. I would love Eddie to show me a banana kick from his pocket one day, though!”

Eddie snapped up the 2016 AFL Goal of the Year award after his impressive tactics and superb kick during the Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round (Round 10) match against the GWS Giants at the Adelaide Oval.

The goal was described by the AFL as: ‘simply incredible. A desperate dive, a flirt with the boundary line and a glorious snap.’

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