• Singer Joe Geia is at work on a project that may see the creation of a new inclusive version of our national anthem (joegeia.com)Source: joegeia.com
With much debate going on around the country about the relevance and sentiment of the national anthem, this weekend's playlist features songs that are considered unofficial anthems and invite thought about what the anthem should be moving forward.
Emily Nicol

8 Oct 2016 - 12:58 PM  UPDATED 8 Oct 2016 - 12:58 PM

The Tiddas - Anthem

This 1996 track from the Tidda's  self titled album includes the powerful lines 'Don’t sing me an Anthem /‘Cause you don’t know the words / Words are hard to remember /When they mean nothing at all


Joe Geia - Yil Lull

A great of the Australian Indigenous music scene, Joe Geia's 1988 song is considered as an un-official Aboriginal anthem. Geia has spoken out again recently about the need for a change to the national anthem, “It is time for a change. Our national anthem should reflect our present situation in this great land.”


Jessica Mauboy 

On the 26th January 2016, Mauboy stood atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sing the national anthem in both language and English. The performance was met with mixed responses. 


Warumpi Band - My Island Home


This widely popular and well known song has some lyrics that resonate with people more than the current anthem.