• NITV's new program current affairs program 'Nation Without Borders' showcases the work of Indigenous broadcasters from around the world. (NITV)Source: NITV
To celebrate the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Conference taking place in Sydney this week, NITV brings to you a fresh new current affairs series showcasing the issues facing our Indigenous brothers and sisters from around the world.
Karina Marlow

8 Nov 2016 - 9:44 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 9:54 AM

Our very own Natalie Ahmat will host the program which shares the groundbreaking work of our fellow Indigenous television networks. The familiar issues of injustice, care for the environment, loss of language and culture, health and social problems addressed show that in many ways the world's Indigenous peoples face the same challenges and together form a 'Nation Without Borders'.

Episode 1


Canada’s Indigenous TV network APTN unravels the story of Cree woman jailed for a crime she claims she didn’t commit. But more shocking than the murder itself is lack the of evidence against Connie Oakes which APTN journalist Jorge Barrera uncovered - as he followed the trail of this Indigenous woman’s quest for justice.  

Episode 2


Ancient Polynesians navigated back and forth across the Pacific Ocean on voyages of discovery and trade. Following a renaissance of this traditional art – the Hawaiians are circumnavigating the world in their double hulled canoe Hokule’a. Hawai’i’s Indigenous broadcaster ‘Oiwi is following their global mission – to spread a message about the need to care for the earth. This epic voyage has connected them to Indigenous nations around the world and given them an audience at the United Nations.   

Episode 3


The Indigenous nations of Taiwan have long suffered from colonial intrusion into lives and a consequent undermining of language and culture. But now the Amis people of Eastern Taiwan are fighting a battle against commercial and government property developers.  A coastal construction spree has left Indigenous communities dispossessed of land and bereft of hope for justice. Taiwan’s Indigenous broadcaster TITV documents the struggle of the Amis to defend their traditional way of life.   

Episode 4


A huge gap exists between the health of Australia’s Indigenous nations and it’s non-Indigenous population. Australia’s Indigenous TV channel, NITV, investigates the case for having more Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander doctors, to lift the state of health, within their communities.  

Episode 5


Aotearoa - New Zealand is facing a housing crisis. Families are sleeping rough as affordable accommodation slips out of reach. The government has promised funding support for social and emergency housing. But Maori Television explores how tribes have stepped up to provide traditional solutions to mitigate this modern problem.

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